What are some good websites for information on the butterfly that are clear to pre teens?

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astrocourt eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For pre-teens there is a wealth of information on butterflies available online. A quick 'Google' for "butterfly facts kids" should get you off to a good start.

However, here are some more thorough sources:

kidskonnect.com starts with simple facts, but it also provides a downloadable resource pack. The pack includes a study guide, activities and a quiz.

kidsbutterfly.org is dedicated to butterfly information. It also includes links to teaching and learning resources (in a few languages).

Outernet Project aims to engage young people in learning about butterflies. They provide basic materials for butterfly catching and identification if you join the Lepidopterists' Society.

biokids@umich have a great website. The page is designed 'FAQ' style with links for further learning. The website also features a great gallery. The information here is initially very easy-to-read. However, very detailed and technical information is also available.

Here are a few other good resources:
Butterfly resources for teachers
Monarch Butterfly specific website
The Teacher's Guide "Butterflies"
Butterflies in space teaching resources

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