What are some good topics to write an essay about. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.   The topic has to have a good amount of critical essays written on it because i have to use critical essays as a secondary source.   What i was thinking is choosing between huck's battle with consience, and slavery in the book, also maybe about value of money.   So are those choices good to write about, and is there a fair amount of essays on it.

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Certainly, the topics mentioned would have a substantial amount number of criticiams written about them; however, it would be remiss of  the reader to  ignore the delightful satire of Mark Twain, who is one of the best that America has produced.  For, satire is truly an admirable tool as people remember well that which has brought forth laughter. In Twain's ridicule of sanctimony, follies, and vices, he expresses his underlying hopefulness for society through the maturation of Huck.

While children find many of the episodes of Huck's life amusing, the more mature reader will delight in Twain's use of satire as a tool to explore certain criticisms  of things in society. For instance, Twain clearly ridicules man's inhumanity to man with the King and the Duke, who steal the inheritance from the Silk sisters.

In another episode, the Shepherdsons and Grangerfords engage in a senseless feud that is based upon exaggerated romanticized ideas in which Twain indulges his satire. The more substantive message behind these episodes is that popular literature is highly stylized and, therefore, rarely reflects the reality of a society is part of Twain's satire

The Widow Douglas and Miss Watson are not exempt from Twain's satire, either, as he pokes fun of the religious hypocrisy of belittling Jim by keeping him as a slave.

So, perhaps, you will wish to examine the satire of The Adventures of Hucleberry Finn.

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