What are some good research resources to use for Americans not valuing our senior citizens?

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I would think that one specific point of interest in terms of modern examples of Ageism in America would have to be the reaction to the House Republican budget put forth by Paul Ryan.  The Ryan budget makes specific provisions that enhances the idea that the elderly in America are not heard and not necessarily respected.  The budget makes significant and deep cuts to Medicare, seeking to privatize it, and makes painful cuts to social welfare programs that are specifically targeted for the aged in America.  This might be a very good starting point in assessing how the nation views Senior Citizens.  I think that the idea that there is so much of a view where the elderly lack power is another condition of the budget that could be seen as ageist.  There is little in the budget that speaks for the elderly being able to be proactive in being an active participant in their own social and economic narratives.  The cuts to job training programs as well as increased educational opportunities are examples of how the idea of "reduce spending" has come on the backs of the elderly, reflecting a bias against the elderly in America.


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