What are some good quotes that i can use to show that Amir in "The Kite Runner" at the end of the novel finally finds redemption?And could you explain them?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Amir long wonders if he will ever be able to receive redemption for his misdeeds against Hassan. When Rahim Khan summons him to his home in Pakistan, Amir is shocked when he discovers the great secret that his father has withheld from him: Hassan is Baba's son, and Amir is his half-brother. Although Hassan is dead, Amir finds that he has a son, Sohrab, somewhere in Afghanistan. Amir realizes that returning to his homeland and finding the boy will be the only way to atone for his sins against Sohrab's father. Although the journey is filled with danger, and death nearly claims both Amir and Sohrab, the two are united. However, Sohrab is damaged goods, and Amir wonders if his plan will ultimately succeed. In the final chapter, there is finally a breakthrough when he entices Sohrab to fly a kite, and the boy finally smiles.

   It was only a smile, nothing more. It didn't make everything all right. It didn't make anything all right. Only a smile. A tiny thing.,.
   But I'll take it. With open arms. Because when spring comes, it melts the snow one flake at a time, and maybe I just witnessed the first flake melting.

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