What are some good quotes that Aunt Alexandra said in To Kill a Mockingbird about herself?

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Although Alexandra is addicted to beliefs about heredity and the "gentle breeding" found in the Finch family, she does not really talk about herself all that much in To Kill a Mockingbird. She is too busy worrying about everybody else's business since, according to Scout,

... she was an incurable gossip.

Alexandra does make it clear that she is concerned about her brother following the news of the death of Tom Robinson.

     "I can't say I approve of everything he does, Maudie, but he's my brother, and I just want to know when this will ever end?"  (Chapter 24)

Before Jem and Scout head to the fateful Halloween pageant at the school, Alexandra has an eerie premonition. When Scout asked "... 's matter, Aunty?", Alexandra replied,

     "Oh nothing, nothing... somebody just walked over my grave."  (Chapter 27)

Alexandra even blames herself for the children nearly being killed by Bob Ewell. She failed to understand the meaning of her premonition and believes she could have prevented it had she understood it.

"Atticus, I had a feeling about this tonight--I--this is my fault," she began. "I should have--"  (Chapter 29)

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