Identify quotes from the text that highlight the timelessness of the human condition.

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I think that some of the most timeless quotes in the narrative are the ones that can be seen with as much potency as today.  For example, consider the following quote that speaks to the trappings of temporality:

But often now this body she wore... this body, with all its capacities, seemed nothing --- nothing at all.

Woolf's ability to integrate Modernist notions within the construction of what it means to be a woman and one driven by the contingent nature of reality is revealed in this quote and the "nothingness" that lies at the core of all consciousness.  This is timeless because the idea of "nothing at all" being applicable to this body and this being is something still evident today.  Another timeless quote is a quick one, bringing out the element of nothingness that strikes at the heart of all being:

A mouse had squeaked, or a curtain rustled. Those were the voices of the dead.

Clarissa's narrative is so compelling, as well as Woolf's guiding of it, because the equalizing element of death is unavoidable and something that Clarissa, as well as all beings, must address.  Death is not something that to be seen as bad or malevolent.  It is a part of the natural setting, a force that underscores all being in the world.  The quote of how death is so intrinsic to seemingly different aspects of being is something timeless, for death is no better understood and simultaneously repulsed today.  It is in this where death's treatment is timeless in Woolf's narrative and in our own being today.