What are some good quotes about communication between Chris and his parents?please include page numbers

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In the book Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, Chris McCandless and his parents had a difficult relationship.  Chris had grown up in a financially comfortable situation.  However, he was disappointed and upset with his father's promiscuity.  He was also resistive to the establishment and his parent's way of life and the busisness world.

Chris had a small Datsun that on weekends and school breaks he would take on mini trips.  His parents had been in contact by letter with him and asked Chris to visit with them before he left for his summer break.  Instead of him contacting them or going by they received in the mail;

"Here is a copy of my final transcript.  Grade wise things went pretty well and I ended up with a high cumulative average." (21)

He thanked them for some items he had received from them but did not tell them anything about his own plans.  He had already taken off on his trip.

Chris' parents tried to prevent Chris from going on his after high school trip but when he refused to stay they tried to get him to take their credit card.

"We had our hearts in our mouths the whole time he was gone," says Walt, "but there was no way to stop him."(118)

Chris did not call or contact his parents to tell them that he had entered the Alaskan Wild.  Instead they found out his initial where about by receipt of a hitchhiking ticket that came in their mail.

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