What are some good questions for a jeopardy game based on  "The Lesson?"

Expert Answers

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  1. The name of the toy store where Miss Moore takes the children on a field trip. ANSWER: What is  F. A. O. Schwarz?
  2. The price of the sailboat the children see in the toystore. ANSWER: What is $1,195?
  3. What does Sylvia want to do with the $5.00 taxi fare Miss Moore gives her? ANSWER: What is uy barbecue?
  4. Why the children do not understand the use of a paperweight. ANSWER: What is because o one has a desk at home?
  5. The only child that understood the lesson Miss Moore was trying to teach them and was not afraid to admit it. ANSWER: Who was Sugar?

You can make up some yourself - check out the analysis here on eNotes.

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