What are some good "Listen to Reading" resources (websites, podcasts, etc.) to use with 3rd - 5th grade students?

bmasimula | Student

There are multiple resources for listening to reading for 3rd- 5th grade students online. One of my favorites is KidsA-Z.com. With a paid account, you can add students, select their reading level and track their progress. Students whom I've taught that use this make gains in their independent reading skills and enjoy the stories and the format. They offer a chart to see how their reading levels correspond to other systems, such as Lexiles, so you can choose the right level for your students. You can also give students access to a "reading room" where they can choose the level of book to read. Some students like to try books at a harder level for a challenge or at an easier level just for fun. This resource has students listen to the book while following along with the words, then read to self, then complete a quiz. If you have microphones, students can also record their reading to check their fluency and accuracy. As the teacher, you can also print resources to use in guided reading groups, independent work or as homework.

Another great resource, which is often free through a school system or library, is TumbleBooks. I don't think this has the leveling and tracking options. Students enjoy the animated books that are available. Best wishes!

archie199 | Student

it really depends on the subject at hand if it was for social studies it would be best to listen to old recordings of radio stations