What are some good disscussion questions for cantos 13-16?

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This text offers many different possible discussion topics (and, of course, these topics could be developed into question if that is the form you are looking for).  Here are just a few:

When reading / discussing Dante’s work, it is always a good idea to look at the symbolic retribution.  Consider how the sinners’ punishments “fit the crime,” so to speak.

Compare Dante’s reaction to the sinners in this section of the text to how he reacted to previous sinners and how he reacts to sinners in future circles (if you’ve read this far).  Does he seem more or less sympathetic?

Remember than Dante wrote this text as a means of criticizing / getting some sort of revenge on his contemporaries.  Perhaps you could do some research on the individuals mentioned in these cantos and discuss how / why Dante would include them in this portion of hell.

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