What are some good discussion questions for this novel?I will be leading a small group of adult women for a discussion of this novel.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Specifying the novel would allow greater insight into your discussion and where it can go.  I went with And Now You Can Go by Vendela Vida. If this is not the novel, then I think still think that you can find some of the basic elements in these questions and apply it to Vida's work, in general.  The most arching question that should probably start this discussion is how does psychology and sociology impact women different than men?  Vendela Vida is very concerned with this idea that there is a different socialization process that women experience and in order to understand this complex being known as "modern woman," one has to fully understand how both fields of study help to explain such a concept.  For example in the case of Ellis, how does the criminal act of being held up at gunpoint reflect both the sociological condition of victimization of women and how does it reflect Ellis' own psychological condition regarding her father?  How do both forces converge to help create her identity?  I think that another good discussion point would be to examine how reflection is a quality that can help women understand this better and how it can be applied to all human beings.  Vida's strongest argument is that people have to reflect and have to think about their world and their place in it.  How can reflection bring about personal and even social change in our own lives?  This might be a really good discussion point with your group because it does what Vida really wants all people to do:  Reflect on who they are and how they shall live.

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