What are some good discussion questions for Lord of the Flies?Please make them related to chapters 9-12. And by good, I mean questions that are open-ended, opinionated, etc.

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the passages that I like to talk about in class is the one where the boys are dancing around in their frenzied hunting dance and then they fall upon Simon when he emerges from the woods.

How do these boys get themselves into a state where they will not even realize what they are doing or stop themslves as they are killing one of their friends?

Is it realistic that the boys would be in this kind of a state after just a few days on the island without adult supervision?  Does Golding think that men are inherently good or evil according to this representation of the boys?

When Piggy suggests that he and Ralph wash their hair and clean themselves up in order to present a certain type of image to the hunters, do you think this would be more effective?  Is the appearance of civilization or authority enough to be granted that authority?


somtinwong777 | Student

What do the following characters in the book represent?

Simon: Jesus, christ figure.

Piggy: Civilization, this is shown by the way his glasses are used to make fire. fire = civilization

ralph: the government, wants everything to be organized, and wants people to work together.

jack: the pull towards evil(but he does not represent the beast)

roger: represent the evil, in all of the world.

the beast( what is it?): the beast is inside of everyone, and it comes out during different times throughout the book.

the conch: represents democracy, freedom of speech...


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