What business schools in New York and Washington D.C are considered the best to attend? 

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farouk23 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many criteria for selecting and choosing an institution of higher learning to attend. Officially recognized rankings of schools are best of a wide selection of factors like: 

1.)    Graduation rate

2.)    Number of applicants and acceptance rate

3.)    Average score/grades of applicants and graduates

4.)    Reputation of professors and teaching staff

Those are just some of the standards of measurement that are considered when colleges and universities are ranked. Ultimately the applicant will need to make decisions and judgments on what college to attend based on the above factors as well as individual personal criteria. Some considerations that prospective applicants make include:

1.)    Internship and externship programs available through the school

2.)    Firms that recruit from the school

3.)    Post-graduation job placement  

4.)    Average salary of a graduate who attended school

5.)    Other individual criteria based on needs and values

One of the most respected rankings of top business schools in the country is done by Forbes magazine. According to Forbes “The Best Business Schools” list, the top schools in New York and Washington D.C are:

1.)    Columbia (N.Y)

2.)    Cornell (N.Y)

3.)    NYU  (N.Y)

4.)    Rochester (N.Y)

5.)    Georgetown (D.C)

6.)    CUNY Baruch ( N.Y)

7.)    Fordham (N.Y)

8.)    American University (D.C)