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What are some good adjustments that the Vatican II Council made, and what improvements need to be made in the Roman Catholic Church that were not addressed by Vatican II?

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The difficulty with judging whether the decisions of Vatican II were improvements of not is that it depends on your own particular theological position. For example, Vatican II made major liturgical reforms, offering churches the opportunity to perform services in the vernacular and actually engage in experimental liturgical forms such as folk masses. Some people consider this a major improvement; others left the Roman Catholic Church over this, joining the Old Catholic, Orthodox, or Anglican churches because they prefer a more traditional liturgy. Similarly, the shift from the ultramontanism of Vatican I to the sharing of power with the episcopacy can be considered good if you approve of decentralization of power, but many Roman Catholic schools and universities objected to the follow-on Ex Corde Ecclesiae because it resulted in interference from the local bishop as opposed to benign neglect by the papacy.  For the future, many Roman Catholics would favor more gender equality and a less restrictive approach to contraception (especially in issues revolving around AIDS transmission), but others would not favor this.

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