What are some good academic goals to put on a college essay?

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There are many noble and good academic goals to put on a college essay

First, you might want to give a bit of context about yourself, if your story is inspirational. For example, there are some people who will be the first to go off to college in their family. So, to obtain a college degree might be very aspirational. Or if you had to go undergo certain hardships to succeed academically, you might want to put this down as well.  A few years ago, there was a story of a homeless person who graduated from Harvard!

Second, another good academic goal is to excel in a certain field to benefit society. This can be a good angle. One of my friends wanted to study medicine because he experienced physical ailments his whole life, and through this wanted to help others. 

Third, you might want to simply put down what interests you and how you plan to study it and why you want to study it at a particular place. To be the best in a field to the best of your ability is a noble academic goal. 

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