What are some gestures that fit Gentlewoman ?Can I have some suggestions on Gentlewoman character. Have to do a monologue on her.

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Doug Stuva eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would suggest we really know very little about the Gentlewoman in Shakespeare's Macbeth.  If you need to portray her, the dominant aspect of her performance in the scene is insecurity and fright.  She is so afraid of her superiors that she will not utter one word about what she has seen and what she has heard:  she will let the doctor do that, if it is to be done. 

She is not noble or courageous or anything like that.  She barely appears in the play.  She's there to highlight Lady Macbeth's feelings of guilt.  When she says she would not trade places with Lady Macbeth for anything, she is uttering a commonplace.  At this point, who would trade places with Lady Macbeth?  Isn't this something you would expect a poor person to say in these circumstances?

I'd suggest, therefore, that you think of gestures that suggest insecurity and fright.  I'm not an actor, so I can only speculate about what might work:

  • arms crossed in front of the chest, and shaking a little?
  • hands in pockets and arms tucked tightly to the body?
  • wringing hands, to match Lady Macbeth's rubbing hands?

Anyway, those are my thoughts on portraying the Gentlewoman.  I hope they help.

nusratfarah | Student

The waiting gentlewoman is presented in only a single scene of Macbeth. She appears to be a very sensible and pious woman. We also find her as a loyal and devoted servant. Her function is to focus upon the insanity of Lady Macbeth, and to highlight the fact that mental peace is better than worldly pleasure. Immorality destroys true happiness - this message is conveyed by the playwright using the gentlewoman as a mouthpiece, especially when she states that, "I would not have such a heart in my bosom, for the dignity of whole body" (5.1).

As you are going to play her role, you should better focus on two certain aspects: (a) her loyal nature and (b) her sensible, mature and wise appearance.

I would suggest you to go through the following link given below, and your idea will be clearer:


opiosharon | Student

one who is mentally independent, respects people arround her,wise,polite, will not raise her voice in public or at any one,solves conflict or disagreement with dignity.