What are some general responsibilies that both Jack and Ralph ingore that undermines the group's ability to function?name one spacific responsibilty for each person under each general...

What are some general responsibilies that both Jack and Ralph ingore that undermines the group's ability to function?

name one spacific responsibilty for each person under each general responsibility.

quotes would SEVERLY HELP ! :)

mstokes | Student

One of the topics you might explore is that of GOVERNMENT divided under headings Democracy and Dictatorship.

In Chapter One the idea of Ralph as the Democratic leader and Jack as the Military Dictator is explored. At the beginning of the book they agree to cooperate.This is one responsibility they have both undertaken - an undetaking to operate in a Democracy.

The first seeds of discord and the dereliction of specific responsibilites begin in Chapter 3. The major responsibility of democratic government begins to be undermined here by Jack who sees the "hunters" as more important than the building of shelters. This Chapter will supply the quotes you need for this topic along with 'We've got to have rules and obey them. After all, we're not savages. We're English, and the English are best at everything.'" Chapter 2, pg. 40 and "The world, that understandable and lawful world, was slipping away." Chapter 5, pg. 82

The second major responsibility the boys have undertaken is to keep signal fires buring in case of a ship passing, so that they may be rescued. This is a responsibility that Jack neglects and because of it the boat which might have rescued them passes by.  "There's no signal showing [on the mountain]. There may be a ship out there.'" Chapter 6, pg 98 and Chapter 11, pg. 161.

mkcapen1 | Student

I think that in the book "Lord of the Flies" it is evident that both boys begin their journey as just boys.  They do not have a true understanding of establishing a working community.  One of the first thing that is evident to me is that they do not engage in gathering and identifying food sources as a team. 

The first big responsibility that both boys ignore is undertaken by Simon and that is to determine what the best could be.  Simon finds out but is killed before he can share the information.  If the children had been able to thwart the fear that may have prevented some of the disaster that follows.

"Grown-ups know things said Piggy.  They ain't afraid of the dark."

"Maybe," He aid hesitantly, "maybe there is a best."989)

Ralph is the responsible boy who tries to set things up in an appropriate manner.  However, he does not have the knowledge that a man would have.  Instead of locating a cave or some other more solid dwelling, he uses the make shift shelters that he builds.  He should have tried to develop a more solid living structure.

Jack overlooked the skills in hunting.  He chose the more savage route.  He waited to use spears and weapons, but had he been thinking more responsibility he may have used different hunting methods.  In addition, he overlooked the value of locating alternate foods such as resources from the sea.  If the island was oceanic then there would have been a better chance for hm to catch more nutritious meals in the water.

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