What are some gender roles in "A Rose For Emily"?

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For a while, Miss Emily seems to embody the feminine ideal. She acquiesces to her father, accepting his authority and obeying his instructions; she, in her youth, embodies the silent and submissive female role. However, this begins to change once her father dies. Emily refuses to admit that he has passed, and she will not allow the authorities to come and collect his body. Although in one sense, we could still read this as a (somewhat odd and macabre) sign of her continued devotion to him, it also begins to provide evidence of a shift in Emily's role. She steps quite far out of the submissive female role when she purchases rat poison, lies to the clerk about her reason for buying it, and then uses it to murder her lover, Homer Barron . Rather than risk his leaving her, a move that begins to seem imminent, she becomes manipulative and cunning, working out a way to control him. She must kill Homer in order to keep him, and so she relinquishes all remnants of her former femininity and adopts...

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