What are some of the gender roles found in Blood and Chocolate and how does Vivian go outside of these roles?

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kimfuji eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Blood and Chocolate, Vivian doesn't have good role models. Her mother is not a good role model. She is shown to be a character who is sex-starved. This is a typical gender role for the "whore".

Aiden's mother is overly protective when it comes to going out to bars.She is portrayed as the stereotypical mother who wants to protect.

Even Aiden's father makes sexual advances toward Vivian.This is because she is portrayed as the sex starved one, the one out of control of her own impulses.

When Vivian changes into a wolf after meeting Aiden, she thinks, "I will howl for you, human boy . . . I will hunt you in my girl skin but I'll celebrate as wolf." Aiden gets involved more slowly but Vivian is frustrated. She desires him to bite her and scratch her, and wants a violent physical relationship. During sex Vivian's changes are a result of an animal desire.  The author suggests that Vivian's sexual desire is her own, not only as a woman responding to a man's desire.  In this sense she goes outside of the the typical gender roles.

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