What are some of the foreshadowed events in "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" by Flanner O'Connor?

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The main foreshadowed event in this story is the family's--and most particularly--the Grandmother's encounter with the Misfit, who is mentioned by the Grandmother in the first paragraph of the story. The family's death is another event foreshadowed by the mention of the Misfit. The Grandmother will mention him a second time--quite a lot for a story of this length--when the family stops for lunch at the diner while traveling toward their vacation destination. By the time the car ends up in a ditch in a deserted area and the Misfit and his men appear, we as an audience are not surprised to see him, unsettling as this may be, and not surprised that his intentions are malevolent. Further, since the Grandmother has been the one most obsessed with him, we are not surprised that they have the most interaction, and at the very end, a brief moment of connection. 

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