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What are some of the film techniques in relation to camera angles and effects that they bring in On My Own, One Day More and Do You Hear The People Sing in Les Miserables

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The cinematography in Les Miserables is quite controversial in the world of film and theater.  Danny Cohen, the Cinematographer, and Top Hooper, the Director, made some interesting choices in the creation of the film.  

One of the more notable techniques used was the choice to have the actors sing on stage.  On the surface this does not seem to be a film technique; however, when a director chooses to have the actors sing it creates a fluidity to the filming.  The director cannot simply stop the filming and restart when he wants to adjust an angle or remove a piece of scenery.  Also this fluid nature allows the actors and actresses to fully invest in the scene.  That investment is amplified by the actual singing which in its nature is cathartic.  

Cohen's techniques generally follow the use of a handheld cameras and longer than normal takes.  The handheld cameras create a jumpy, unsteady feeling to the filming.  It also allows several trick shots that Cohen seems to prefer.  Most notably the extreme close-ups, not centering the central figure, and the dutch angles.  (A dutch angle is when the camera is tilted so the horizon is on the corner of the frame. ) 

I Dreamed and Dream took advantage of all of the aspects of the filming to create one of the best scenes in the movie.  The song leading into I Dreamed a Dream, Lovely Ladies is almost nauseating with the use of fast clips, dutch angles, and jerky camera.  It leads smoothly into On My Own.  Anne Hathaway's character begins in the ships cabin.  From there the camera remains off center giving Fantine's character a sense of loneliness and isolation. The camera steady. (This is one of only a few places in the movie where this happens.) It remains steady and does not move closer or pull back.  The result is that the audience is drawn into the dispair of Fantine.  One of the reasons that this particular section of the movie was so wildly successful was the clear contrast between the previous Lovely Ladies montage into such a completely focused moment in the movie.  

On my Own unlike I Dreamed a Dream  uses the hand camera and...

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