What are some figures of speech from The Outsiders? With page numbers.

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GREASER.  The general term for gang members from the wrong side of the tracks. They generally wore long, sometimes greasy hair, with jeans, T-shirts and, sometimes, leather.

SOC.  Short for "social" or "socialite," Socs were rich kids who also liked to fight and drink--the enemies of the greasers.

HOOD.  Short for hoodlum.

BLADE.  Short for switchblade or slang for a knife.

NUTS.  Slang for crazy or wild.

RUMBLE.  A fight between two groups or gangs.

TUFF.  Ponyboy specifically said that "tuff" was different from "rough." Rough was the same as tough; "tuff means cool, sharp--like a tuff-looking Mustang or a tuff record."

BROAD.  Slang for girl or woman.

TRAP.  The mouth.  Cherry told Dally to "shut your trap."

DOLL.  Cute or good-looking. Cherry refers to Sodapop as "one doll."

HEATER.  Pistol or handgun.

DIG.  To understand.

All of these slang words and figures of speech can be found in the first three chapters.

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