The Outsiders Questions and Answers
by S. E. Hinton

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What is the climax and an example of figurative language used in The Outsiders? I need at least two figurative language examples.

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One example of figurative language found in The Outsiders is the use of the word "tuff." Although it is a deliberate spelling variation of "tough," the word "tuff" is defined as "cool"--fashionably popular. Another example comes when Pony and Two-Bit run into some Socs at the Tasty Freeze before the rumble. Two-Bit tells them,

"No jazz before the rumble."

Naturally, they were not going to play music--"jazz" is simply a figurative term for trouble or physical violence.

The climax of the story comes near the end when Dally is killed in the street by the pursuing policemen after Johnny has died. The climax could be considered the continuing action of the rumble, the ride to the hospital, Johnny's death, and Dally's death. 

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