What are some facts between chapter 13 and 16 in Nothing but the Truth?

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jennifer Stewart, the reporter, questions Dr. Seymour and Dr. Doane about the school district's policy on students singing the national anthem.  She also calls Dr. Palleni and Miss Narwin.

Philip contemplates in his diary asking Narwin for some extra work so he could still make the track team.

Stewart publishes her incendiary article in the local newspaper.

Stewart's story is picked up by the 'associated press' and is carried in papers across the country.

A radio show brings up the article about Philip as an example of what's wrong in America.  Many callers voice various opinions about how evil Narwin is because she stymied Philip's patriotism.

Doane, Narwin, and Palleni have a conference to get their facts straight after the misrepresentation of events in the newspaper article.

Dr. Doane interviews several students to get a clear picture of what happened in Narwin's homeroom.

Miss Narwin learns that the story is all over the country from her sister in Florida, and she panics.  She receives several letters and telegrams condemning her actions.

Philip's schedule is changed to a different English teacher.  He tries to ask Narwin for more work to change his grade, but she asks him to leave.

Miss Narwin is asked to take the rest of the term off by the superintendent and Dr. Doane. 



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