What are some of the factors that you might consider when preparing a trend report to ensure that it’s effective and easy-to-understand, and why are these important?

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When writing a report to present data trend information, it's important to present it in such a way that it can be interpreted and used by the intended audience.

What you want to remember is that a well-written trend report is going to portray an accurate visual picture of the ups and downs of a particular product, company, or industry.  Here are some tips to follow in your report writing:

1.  Carefully research the topic in question.  Get all the facts straight before you present it.

2.  Select a way to present the information in as pleasing and appealing a manner as possible.  Use colorful pie graphs, bar graphs, or line graphs that clearly depict the trend in question in clear and concise details.  Consult with graphics designers if needed to help you create your presentation.

3.  Write or type your presentation beforehand, then edit it for content, fluidity, conciseness, and grammatical errors.  Make sure it flows smoothly, is easy to listen to, and makes sense.  Oral presentations always make a better impression if they are memorized; it shows your audience you are knowledgeable, truly committed, and dedicated (even passionate).

4.  When you are satisfied with the verbal part of your presentation, choreograph it with the the visual displays to create the best possible combination of audio/visual.  Consider using a software program like PowerPoint to help with this step.

5.  Show your finished presentation to co-workers or colleagues and get feedback from them.  Peer reviews are always insightful, helpful, and reassuring.  Often others will catch something you might have missed or add something that will polish and enrich your presentation.


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