What are some factors that project a company culture? 

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The projection of company culture, in contrast to the internal practice itself, relate to the reflection of the company to the outside world and general public, including potential new hires. There are many factors in the projection of company culture, but several of them generally dominate this reflection.

At the most basic, the name of the company itself serves, intentionally or not, as a means of projection. Paired with the company name is the company logo and other associated symbols, including things such as employee uniforms.

The physical location of the company is also a route of projection. This is perhaps best emphasized by the emergence of Silicon Valley at the ultimate location for technology start ups. Just by having the company headquarters in a specific area a strong message can be sent about the cultural precepts of the company.

The public view of the company president, CEO, board of directors, or other company officers is intimately tied to public perception of the company, and as such acts as a strong route of projection. It is difficult for a company to reflect cultural values if the public can see the company leaders acting in a way that directly contradicts them.

The most traditional means of cultural projection is through the use of marketing and public relations projects. These serve as a means of direct and explicit communication between the company and the public, and if great care is not taken in their formulation, companied may find themselves projecting values other than those they seek to embrace.

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