What are some factors to reduce and increase the risk of cancer?

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This is a question that has numerous answers. Each and every day scientists discover new ways to help prevent cancer and new or improved treatment options are found. Research also shows us new cancer risks as well.

The best way to reduce the chance of getting cancer is to simply live a healthier lifestyle. This can be done by quitting smoking, staying out of the sun, lowering alcohol consumption, and eating healthier foods that are low in fat.

Ways to decrease chances for getting cancer are exercising regularly, eating lots of vegetables and fruits, and drinking lots of water.

Some people are genetically predisposed to cancer as well. There are many tests (ex. ovarian cancer) that can help determine a persons chance of getting a particular type of cancer in the future.

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This really depends on the kind of cancer that we are talking about.

Of course, smoking is a huge factor in the development of lung cancer, so stopping smoking reduces the risk and smoking increases it.

Chewing tobacco increases the risk of cancers of the mouth and throat.

Being exposed to ultraviolet definitely increases the risk of skin cancer.

Having sex with a carrier is the only way for a woman to get cervical cancer.

Having a good diet can decrease the risk of cancer.  Drinking alcohol can increase cancer risk.  Eating and drinking lots of things that have antioxidants in them can reduce the risk.

You can follow the links below for more on cancer risks and prevention.

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