What are some external and internal conflicts that Montag has in Fahrenheit 451?  

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Montag is your typical unconscious drone who works as a firefighter in Bradbury's dystopian world. He doesn't question his job, his society, or himself. But when Clarisse inserts herself into his life, everything changes.

The first external conflict Montag faces is him versus Clarisse. This person v. person conflict creates an internal conflict for Montag. He begins to question his job and his emotions. He feels anger, confusion, and curiosity. And the more he speaks with Clarisse, the more tension is created within him.

This conflict creates another at work. Not only does Montag start to question his job, but these conflicts cause another person v. person conflict: Montag versus Beatty, his boss. The more Montag begins to question his own identity and work through emotions like confusion, fear, and guilt, the more tension arises between Montag and his boss.

However, all of these conflicts lead up to a choice that will change Montag's entire life. He must decide if he is going to continue...

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