What are two external conflicts in Marked, from the House of Night series, by P. C. Cast, and name the conflicts?

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Zoe Redbird is the protagonist in Marked from the House of Night series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast.  She has a conflict with Aphrodite who is an older vampire fledgling and leader of the Dark Daughters, an elite group at the House of Night.  Aphrodite wants to be the center of attention and is a bully. Zoe also ends up with dating Erik, Aphrodite's ex-boyfriend who dumped her.

In the end, Zoe is given Aphrodite's post as the leader of the Dark Daughters because of a conflict with an evil spirit that Aphrodite mistakenly summons. It attacks Zoe's ex-human-boyfriend. Zoe is able to send it back with the help of her friends in a circle she casts.

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