What are some experiences that a person would have with those who are not members of their cultural or ethnic group?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are all sorts of interactions that people might have with others from outside their own ethnic or cultural group.  The exact nature of these interactions depends on the person’s circumstances.

One major way to have such interactions is by traveling.  In particular, travel to foreign countries puts us in contact with people from other groups.  As people from the rich world, we might go to places like the Caribbean where we interact with other cultures in situations where we are somewhat dominant.  We are guests at their hotels and they are workers.  We are the tourists and they are trying to sell us things. 

Another way to have such interactions is through going to school in diverse areas or with exchange students.  People of different cultural groups can live close to one another in the US.  If a white student and a Hispanic immigrant sit next to one another in class, they are interacting with people from outside their own groups.  This is even truer when there are exchange students in a school.

Finally, we can have interactions with people from other groups in our workplaces.   In today’s globalized world, we often find ourselves working with immigrants.  We might also find ourselves working with people from foreign firms who are doing business in our community.

These are some typical situations in which people might interact with others who are from different cultural or ethnic groups.