What are some examples of the "superego" in Lord of the Flies?It would be helpful if you provided quotes and page numbers that are examples of the "superego." 

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Piggy is the best example of superego in Lord of the Flies, because of his consistent attention to following rules. For example, Piggy latches onto the conch as a symbol of authority on the island when he says "I got the conch! Just you listen!" (Golding 40). Clearly, he respects the idea of adhering to guidelines and authority; the conch is like the school-yard equivalent of raising your hand and waiting your turn--in essence, bringing order to chaos. A character like Piggy, who is weaker and more vulnerable than the other boys, depends on rules and structure as an equalizer between the other, more aggressive boys. 

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1. Jack yells at the littluns for believing in the beastie. He calls them cry babies and sissies.
2. Jack needed to hunt. He wanted to kill something badly.
3."Jack stood there, streaming with sweat,streaked with brown earth, stained by all the vicissitudes of a day's hunting" (49).

super ego-
1. Piggy tried to get everyone name so that they felt excepted. By knowing everyone name everyone felt like they mattered.
2. Simon was the mistic and he cared for everyone and wanted to help everyone. He is conpared as godly because he is not mean to anyone.
3."Piggy saw the smile and misinterpreted it as a friendliness" (65).

1. Ralph wants to go home. He is focused on getting rescued. That is what is most important to him.
2. He is starting to listen to Piggy because he knows that Piggy is smart. Ralph is relizing that they need Piggy.
3."Ralph held out his hands for the conch and the littluns sat down" (71)