What are some examples in this poem of an alliteration, consonance, and onomatopoeia?

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Thomas Gray's "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard" is a poem that is replete with sound devices.

ALLITERATION - The repetition of the same or similar consonant sounds in words that are close together.  Here are some examples by numbered stanzas:

1.  weary way , 2. solemn stillness 3.  The moping owl does to the moon complain  5. The swallow twittering from the straw-built shed  6. the blazing hearth shall burn, Or climb his knees the envied kiss to share. 8. The short and simple annals 9.the pomp of power  10. their tomb no trophies  12. the living lyre  14. born to blush  17. their crimes confined   20. shapeless sculpture  22. longing lingering look  25. Haply some hoary-headed swain   26. listless length; brook that babbles by   27.  woeful-wan;  Or crazed with care, or crossed

ONOMATOPEIA - The use of a word whose sound imitates or suggests its meaning.  Here are examples marked by stanza:

1. The plowman homeward plods

2. the beetle wheels his droning flight

    And drowsy tinklings

5. The swallow twittering

10. The pealing anthem

26. the brook that babbles

COSONANCE - The repetition of the same or similar final consonant sounds on accented syllables or important words.  Here are examples marked by stanza:

1.  tolls the knell

5.  ...shrill...shall

16. listening...smiling...

17. Forbade to wade



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