What are some examples of doubling in Frankenstein?

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Depending upon which definition of doubling one chooses to apply to Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein, one can find many different examples of doubling within the text.

1. The most critically analyzed doubling which takes place in the novel is the examination of Shelley being Victor and the monster. Shelley has been linked to both characters through analysis of each character and critics have found that each possess traits which Shelley possessed.

2. Another definition of a doubling is when a spirit is used in a text. Multiple times throughout the text Victor finds himself haunted or visited by ghosts of his past. This would be another example of doubling.

3. One last definition of doubling is when something is composed of two unlike parts. Many critics have linked Victor to his monster in such a way where the combination of the two create a single whole. Victor and the monster are very unlike. Therefore, the combination of the two unlike parts, Victor and his monster, are used to elaborate the need for a person to embrace their character as a whole.

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