What are some examples of the theme of bravery in "To Kill a Mockingbird"?  Also give examples of Scout and Jem's immaturity in Chap 8

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Bravery takes many forms in "To Kill a Mockingbird." The most obvious is Atticus' defense of Tom Robinson. Instead of giving Tom a half-hearted defense, Atticus actually proves Tom's innocence. Although this is not acknowledged by the verdict, Atticus would have had a good case on appeal. In addition, his children show remarkable courage. When facing a potential mob, Jem tells Atticus there is a phone call and Scout begins talking to Walter Cunningham, who is a member of a mob coming to kill Tom Robinson. Both events show tremendous courage. Miss Maudie overcomes her morphine addiction before she dies and only after her death does Atticus reveal Jem's role in helping her. Boo Radley also shows courage. First, he puts a blanket around Jem's shoulders when Miss Maudie's house is on fire. This means he has come out of his house in order to help. But his greatest bravery comes the night the children are attacked by Bob Ewell and Boo grabs a knife and kills Ewell. He then makes sure Jem gets safely back to Atticus and waits patiently until he knows Jem is safe. As for Scout and Jem's insecurity in Chapter 8, they make a snowman that resembles Mr. Avery, who they do not like. They think this is funny until Atticus objects and they change the face on the snowman. This shows they are still playing childish games by making fun of people and do not always respect others' feelings.

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Well actually it was Ms. Dubose that overcame the morphine addiction.. not Ms. Maudie.  I'm writing a paper on the book right now in Language Arts.

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Atticus is a great example because he was dealing with a bunch of hate from a bunch of people for siding with an African and for siding with justice. Many people even threatened him and wanted to cause him harm, and never letting go of his morals and taking the side of justice is an example of bravery. 

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Scout  got blanked over her by Boo.

And Ms Duboose had a morphine addiction that she struggled with. But when she knew she would die she decided to overcome her addiction to morphine. She succeseed but died after that. The courage in this was that allthough she knew she would die she didn't give up her mind, to overcome the addiction. The morphine worked as a painkiller, and without that she feelt lots of pain.