What are some examples of suspense from the book Great Expectations by Charles Dickens? Great Expectations

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 As a novel that was serialized, Great Expectations contained suspenseful installments that would encourage readers to purchase the next segment when it was published.

Book the First

During the Christmas dinner, Pip worries what will happen when Mrs. Joe discovers that the meat pie has been taken.  Then, when Mrs. Joe offers brandy to Uncle Pumblechook, Pip holds tightly to the leg of the table, waiting for his fate as he is discovered as the thief. This installment ends with Pip narrating 

But I ran no farther than the house door, for there I ran head foremost into a party of soldiers with their muskets, one of whom held out a pair of handcuffs to me, saying:  "Here you are, look sharp, come on!" (Ch 4)

In Dickens's time, readers would have worried that Pip would go to jail as petty thieves were sent to prison.

Then, in Chapter 5 when the constables come to the door, asking about the convicts and Joe and Pip go out onto the marshes, Pip worries if he will see his convict and be...

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