Soliloquy In Romeo And Juliet

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Let us remember that a soliloquy is defined as a speech that a character says to themselves, that shows us their inner thoughts and what they are really thinking and feeling. Often soliloquies are uttered whilst they are on the stage by themselves, so they are a very intimate revelation of a character's emotions and feelings. Shakespeare uses soliloquies in various places throughout his plays, and Act II of Romeo and Juliet is no exception. 

In Act II scene 5, for example, the scene commences with a soliloquy from Juliet when she shows how anxious she is about having sent the Nurse to meet with Romeo and to get Romeo's response as to whether they are going to marry or not:

The clock struck nine when I did send the nurse;

In half an hour she promised to return.

Another soliloquy is said by Friar Laurence at the beginning of scene 3 when he talks about his skill with plants and their medicinal properties. Perhaps one of the most famous soliloquies in the whole play is in scene 2, when Romeo is hiding beneath Juliet's balcony and sees her enter.

Now, see if you can find any more exmaples of soliloquies. Good luck!


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