What are some examples of soldier's comparison to animals, babies, and machines between Chapters 9-13 of "Red Badge of Courage"?Also, examples of nature being personified.

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Some examples of soldiers being compared to machines are when the youth sees the tall soldier forging "firmly on as if propelled" (Ch.9), and the youth's own vision of himself as "a blue desperate figure leading...with one knee forward and a broken blade high...before a crimson and steel assault" (Ch.11).  The author also speaks of "steel fibers...(being) washed from (the men's) hearts" (Ch.12), and describes the "mighty blue machine...certain...(to) make victories as a contrivance turns out buttons" (Ch.11).

Animal comparisons include "the tattered man bleating plaintively" (Ch.10), the men stumbling "like fat sheep" and fleeing "like soft, ungainly animals".  The column of infantry is also itself compared to "the sinuous movement of a serpent", and the youth later pictures himself like a beast after its prey, "panting, flying to the front...to seize and throttle the dark, leering witch of calamity".  Sadly, he then realizes that if he is seen by any of his comrades, "he would truly be a worm" (Ch.11).

Among the instances where the soldiers are compared to babies or children are when the tall soldier, in the throes of death, hangs "babelike to the youth's arm", when the tattered soldier "wander(s) about helplessly in the field", and when Henry struggles, "like a babe trying to walk, to his feet" (Ch.12).

Finally, the author personifies nature in saying that "one cloud lay along the western sky partly smothering the red", and "the soft air was filled with the tremendous remonstrance" (Ch.12).

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