To Kill a Mockingbird Questions and Answers
by Harper Lee

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What are some examples of social class prejudices in To Kill a Mockingbird? Please give at least 3 examples. Thanks!

Some examples of social class prejudices in To Kill a Mockingbird include the way in which Jem groups people into four groups in chapter 23. Additionally, the character of Dolphus Raymond, who defies the norms of his class as a white man from an established family, demonstrates the social class prejudices in Maycomb. He has to create an outward image that accounts for his rejection of his class.

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According to Jem's assessment of the social classes in Chapter 23,

"There's four kinds of folks in the world. The ordinary kind like us and the neighbors... the Cunningams... the Ewells... and the Negroes."

But there are several other people in Maycomb who don't quite fit into any of Jem's groups.

Dolphus Raymond. Raymond is one of the most unusual characters in the novel. He is a weatlthy white man from an old family who prefers the company of Negroes. He lives apart from the rest of the white population with his black mistress, and he has fathered a number of "mixed children." His children, like their father, are scorned by most of Maycomb.

"They don't belong anywhere... they're just in-betweens." (Chapter 16)

Miss Caroline Fisher. A true outsider, Scout's first grade teacher is a newcomer to Maycomb who announces that she hails from Northern Alabama.

The class murmered apprehensively, should she prove to harbor her share of peculiarities indigenous to the region. (Chapter 2)

Miss Caroline's youth, good looks, make-up, fancy clothes, and newfangled educational ideas set her apart from everyone else in the town.

Misses Tutti & Frutti. The maiden sisters Sarah and Frances Barber were known to the town as Tutti & Frutti. They seemed eccentric to the rest of Maycomb: They were deaf and Republicans; they had "migrated from Clanton, Alabama"; and their house had the only cellar in town.

Their ways were strange to us... (Chapter 27)

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In To Kill A Mockingbird, Aunt Alexandra is a good example of prejudice between the classes.  She forbids Scout and Jem from playing with Walter Cunningham because he is beneath their social status and fine family history.  The entire town is prejudiced towards the Ewells who live near the dump.  The Ewells exemplify the white trash family of Maycomb county, and they are considered one step above the black community in the minds of the townspeople.

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