What are some examples of satire in Candide?

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Candide satirizes or pokes fun at the philosophical concept popular at the time which stated that all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds. Voltaire thought this idea, identified with the philosopher Leibniz, absurd. Therefore, although Pangloss (Candide's tutor) teaches his pupil this philosophy, Voltaire makes sure that Candide's experience proves otherwise. Candide and his friends witness or experience almost every horror that could befall a person, from violence, slavery, and cruelty to hypocrisy and dishonesty. For example, Candide's family castle is taken by the Bulgars, who murder his family and enslave him. Later, he has to watch helplessly as a friend, Jacques, helps save a drowning sailor only to have the sailor do nothing to save Jacques when he falls overboard. In Portugal, Candide and Pangloss are arrested by the Inquisition because Pangloss spoke of his philosophy of optimism, and they expect to be executed.

Candide satirizes organized religion as corrupt and...

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