What are some examples of sarcasm in the poem "The Prologue"?

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"The Prologue" by Anne Bradstreet is full of sarcasm. It sounds as if she is imitating things that critics have told her and pretending to agree in her poem.

In the very first stanza, she says her lines would dim the worth of epic stories and history. However, we can be fairly sure that she is not actually agreeing that her writing cannot capture any great stories—or else she would not be writing.

Throughout the poem, she continues to list reasons she cannot possibly produce art and ends each stanza with an insult to herself or her writing. The end lines of each stanza are a great place to look for sarcasm, as she lets the bitterness with which she writes ooze through each word.

I love stanza five, where she mentions that instead of a pen, she should be...

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