What are some examples of Sammy's unsophistication?

Expert Answers
ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When the girls first enter the supermarket, Sammy is supposed to be ringing up sales at the check-out counter. He allows all of his attention to be focused on "Queenie" and the girls. This shows that he is still very much a teenage boy and not a professional cashier. When the girls are reprimanded by the supermarket manager for their lack of attire, Sammy thinks he can change the mind of the manager. This shows that he misunderstands the employer-employee relationship. Then, in a huff he quits. He immaturely hits the "No Sale" button. This is an example of Sammy acting before he thought, which shows a lack of maturity. As he walks out the store, the objects of his actions do not even notice him. So his so-called gallantry was pointless. Once again, this shows a boyish maturity. However, he realizes he made a mistake when he says that life will be harder for him now. This indicates that he is beginning to learn some hard lessons about adulthood and making choices. He is beginning to turn the corner from an immature teenage boy into a young man.