What are some examples of Ren's loyalty in The Good Thief?

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Hannah Tinti's The Good Thief is the story of an orphan known only as Ren, who is adopted by thieves, sells bodies dug from graves, encounters a factory owner and finds his family—all the while remaining a good thief.

Ren is loyal to his friends and his landlady. Mrs. Sands took care of Ren, bathed him and clothed him and he returned the favor by taking care of her when she fell ill with fever. He takes her to the hospital of Dr. Milton and uses up the remaining share of Benjamin's money to take care of her. He also takes care of her brother, a dwarf, and also befriends Dolly, a giant they unearth while digging graves who he convinces to stop killing people. His loyalty to his twin friends at the orphanage causes Tom to bring the twins to him, a welcome addition to their mismatched family. 

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