What are some examples of realism in All My Sons by Arthur Miller?

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Realism is writing that portrays life as it really is or as it could be. In short, realism in literature seeks to emulate the way highs and lows of everyday life. In realism, the characters act and talk the way real people talk, and even the setting will be a time and place familiar to the audience.

Arthur Miller’s 1947 play All My Sons can be categorized as modern realism because all the elements of the play are realistic. The play’s motifs of guilt and responsibility are universal and real issues the audience will be familiar with. The play takes place in Joe Keller’s backyard. While we don’t see beyond this scene, the characters’ dialogue allows us to learn about backstories events that take place outside the year.

The dialogue between the characters and the trials they go through are also realistic. Joe worries about letting his son down and providing for the family. Chris worries proposing to his girlfriend and finding ways to help his mom get over his brother’s death. Even...

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