What are some examples proving that Odysseus is intelligent throughout, "The Odyssey"? I need to know if there are any other examples,besides the one where odysseus gives the Cyclops the wine, and the one where he disguises himself and observes which people have remained loyal to him.Thank you.

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The two that you mention are two of the most famous ones. However, there are many others. Let me offer a few of them.

Perhaps, the most important one, which is mentioned in the Odyssey is the Trojan horse. The fullest account of this is, of course, Vergil's Aeneid. Through this artifice, Odysseus is able to the give victory to the Greeks over the Trojans.

Another example would be his escape and conquest of Circe. He is able to overcome her with a magical flower of protection and even able to get her to transform his men back into human form from pigs. In fact, he completely wins over her loyalty. Similarly he is able to overcome the Sirens so as not to allow his ships to be dashed on the rocks. He also makes a raft to escape Calypso's island.  Finally, he is able to plot his return in such a way that he can exact revenge on the suitors.

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