What are some examples of politics and lifestyle in A Tale of Two Cities? Politics means government and its impact on people. Lifestyle means daily life, culture, religion, and health.

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Probably the easiest examples of politics to use from A Tale of Two Cities is the tension that is going on in France.  The book takes place during the French Revolution.  In a nutshell, the French aristocracy is used to doing just about whatever they please.  That's their politics.  It's okay and right to do because they are rich and no one is going to stop them.  That all starts to unravel when the common people of France want a say in how they are being ruled over.  That political strife leads to a lot of bloodshed and headless people.  

For lifestyle, the novel does a nice job of showing the importance of family.  Lucie taking care of her dad is a good example of that.  It's obvious that marriage is important to people.  Lucie has two men after her heart.  She marries Charles.  The novel also does a nice job of illustrating the polar differences in lifestyle that exist between the rich (who are really rich) and the poor.  Back then not much was known about the importance of hygiene, bacteria, and general health, so the poor had it doubly bad.  Not only were they so poor that they couldn't afford food, but basic sanitation and cleanliness were just not happening.  Diseases thrive in that environment. 

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