What are some examples of poetic devices in "Acquainted with the Night"?

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The sonnet structure of this poem grounds it in several poetic devices. First, the iambic pentameter establishes the rhythm, and secondly the rhyme scheme which runs a-b to the final couplet. However, the way the poem is broken into triplets offsets the expectation of the abab structure, lending an edge of uncertainty to the poem as the reader seems to trip from stanza to stanza. 

The second line epitomises the way in which the poem seems to approach an issue and then turn away from it, with its chiastic structure. An example of this is the line: "I have walked out in rain—and back in rain." The line is balanced in both language and imagery, as the speaker both enters and retreats from the rain. It reflects the frame lines at the beginning and end of the poem: "I have been one acquainted with the night." These repeated lines mark the beginning and end of the speaker's narrative, encapsulating the "neither wrong nor right" things he has observed. 

This poem by Robert Frost is a sonnet: 14...

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