Julie of the Wolves Questions and Answers
by Jean George

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what are some examples of personification, use of smiles, overstatements, understatements,metaphors, allusions or symbols in Julie Of the Wolves I am looking for specific examples of figurative language using the above styles

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An example of personification is when the wolves are anthropomorphized, giving human qualities to them. They become Julie's friends and companions on the harsh environment of the tundra. Amaroq, the leader of the pack, almost becomes her surrogate father.

The country symbolizes peace, pleasure, and an escape from the stresses of city life and civilization. Modern civilization represents the destructive methods of humans to impose their will on the natural world.

Julie symbolizes those people of different ethnic groups who struggle to find a way to keep the traditions of their cultures alive while living in the modern world.

As far as similes and metaphors go, look at the descriptions of the tundra for examples of comparisons, such as its "thick blankets of fog". It represents Julie's escape from her husband and the life she was supposed to live.

The descriptions of the wolves should also provide you with examples of metaphors and similes. The cubs are childlike in their behavior.

Kapugen represents the pure Eskimo ideal to Julie, which she realizes doesn't exist since he has compromised with and adopted modern ways. This helps her in her struggle to realize in the end humans must adapt to new kind of wilderness, one that is ecologically sound.

For allusions, look for any references to famous people, places, literature, events, or anything that is historical or literary.

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