What are some examples of Neologisms in Huxley's Brave New World?I have soma as well as hypnopaedic, what are a few others words that Huxley created to decribe his new world??  

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You are using the term “neologism” here to refer to any word or phrase that Huxley made up to describe things that existed in the dystopian society that he imagines in this novel.  There are many such words.  For example, we can see

  • Bokanovsky’s Process, which is the process for splitting fertilized ova many times to create clones.
  • Podsnap’s Technique, which speeds up the process that makes ova mature.
  • Feelies, which is the high-tech form of entertainment that lets audiences feel what is happening to characters in the shows. 
  • Malthusian drill, for taking contraceptives.
  • Solidarity service, for the wild celebration that everyone must attend every other week.