What are some examples of modern controversies over how justice is perceived?

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The controversy over how justice can be perceived is in the news right now with the George Zimmerman verdict in the death of Trayvon Martin.  The question of how justice is perceived lies at the core of the reaction that many in American have as a result of the trial.  Even in President Obama's comments about the case last Friday, the question of how justice is understood through the lenses of different narratives is of vital importance.  

The case is perceived as an example of the justice system at its best, capable of rendering an impartial verdict in the midst of public pressure and intense media scrutiny.  At the same time, many believe that the interests of justice were not served when no one is held responsible for the death of an African- American teenager.  Additionally, some question the premise of the "Stand Your Ground" law, further reflecting how justice can be perceived to represent different realities.  Regardless of how one feels about the case, it is an interesting discussion point to see how one verdict rendered can reflect a wide array and controversy as to how justice is perceived.


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