What are some examples of metaphors in the Lord's speech to Job?

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While the earlier parts of the book of Job are rife with legal metaphors, the Lord’s speech contains metaphors and images linked to the natural world. According to Aristotle’s Poetics, a metaphor “consists in giving the thing a name that belongs to something else; the transference being either from genus to species, or from species to genus, or from species to species, or on grounds of analogy.”

Let us take a look at some of the metaphors in the Lord’s speech to Job. I’m excluding those already mentioned in the other answer.

In 38:8 the sea is compared to a new-born infant. This metaphor is then continued in subsequent lines where the clouds are described as swaddling bands that keep it in check.

We have another cloud metaphor at 38:37, different from the one at 38:9. Here, the clouds are described as the containers or water jars of the heavens.

The Leviathan (40-41) can be seen as an elaborate metaphor that describes the objective counterpart of Job’s egocentric perception. 

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